Jeff (jappa) Petrikas
 Jeff grew up on the Shouth Shore and started
banging on his mom's pots & pans at the age of 10
and hasn't stopped.  Growing up watching his
brother and cousins' band in the basement, he grew
to love music.  He went on to play with many bands
including True Rumor, Inside Straight, Manifest and
for the last 12 years Torpedo Ray with his cousin
John. After Torpedo Ray, Jeff & John stayed
together and found Ben Sorenson and formed Idle
           ROCK ON JAPPA!!!!

Equipment -  Ludwig, Pearl and Tama drums
              Paiste Cymbals and Vic Firth Sticks

Favorite Bands - Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rush and Zappa

Favorite Drummers - Neal Peart, Keith Moon, John Bonham and Simon Phillips