Ben Sorenson

Since joining his first band in 1978, Ben has been known for
his energetic performances and straight ahead guitar style. He
has always enjoyed giving it his all on stage and in recent
years assumed vocal and guitar duties for bands such as Step
Back  and The Alumni, performing throughout Boston,
Southern MA and Rhode Island.  In a twist of fate, Ben ran
into John and Jeff during Torpedo Ray's farewell performance
at the end of 2012. After discovering they all had similar
musical tastes, they decided to form a new band. Thus Idle
Rumors was born.

Guitars           -  Fender

Amplification -  Fender

Effects            -  Visual Sound Jeckyl and Hyde Overdrive,
             Ibanez Echo/Delay and Boss Chorus Ensemble

Favorite Bands - The Catherine Wheel, The Smiths, Three Days Grace and KISS
Favorite Guitarists - Ace Frehley, Johnny Marr, Angus Young and Pete Townsend

Favorite Song - The Last in Line (Dio)